Edition info

Limited edition prints are valued based on the quantity made available, the size of the print and the presence of a signature. For example, an edition of 5 has more value than an edition of 20. Two prints of the same size will differ in price if one is signed. An edition can escalate in price towards the end of the edition at the discretion of the artist. Artists proofs will sometimes be made available once an edition has sold out. These will be marked as “AP’s” so as to retain the value of the edition preceding it. An open edition means there is no limit to the amount of prints created and are therefore more affordable but less valuable than a limited edition. However, they are still printed using the same high quality printing methods. All prints are created by printing professionals using state of the art ink-jet printers to create what is commonly known as Giclée prints. Only the finest archival museum-grade papers are chosen, which ensures longevity and accurate colour representation . When presenting artworks using Diasec, the same strict quality methods will be purposed. All artwork is supplied with a certificate of authenticity thus certifying ownership and retaining the value of the artwork. For further details please read the terms and conditions for a full overview.


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